Speaker : Pierre-Jean Benghozi

Pierre-Jean BENGHOZI

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Pierre-Jean Benghozi is an emeritus research director at CNRS (the French National Centre for Scientific Research) and at École Polytechnique. He holds a diverse educational background, having earned degrees in engineering (X76), organizational sciences, and economics (University of Paris Dauphine). He is internationally recognized as a pioneer in research on digital economic models and the creative industries.

In this capacity, he has been directly involved in regulation as a member of the French Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Post (ARCEP) and is frequently consulted on these matters, both nationally and internationally, by public institutions and private enterprises. Notably, he chaired the evaluation mission for the France Very High-Speed Broadband Plan at the request of the government and the European Commission.

Pierre-Jean Benghozi also regularly teaches at several prestigious universities in Paris and abroad, including his role as a professor at the University of Geneva from 2019 to 2021.